5 Tips to Turn Anyone from a Big Failure to a Massive Success

Nour Boustani
5 min readSep 21, 2022

Losers are everywhere. They are in the street, on social media, T.V, and perhaps in the reflection of your and my mirrors. It’s tough to accept that if we don’t achieve practical results in life, we are failures compared to people who strive and succeed. Many people seem disabled by damaged and broken mentalities and hopeless in attaining success.

Today I will share five habits to replace with another five that will turn the biggest failure of all times into massive success.

1. Replace defeat with learning to adapt

Life will throw all sorts of challenging stuff in your face; how you respond to them will define your direction in your life. Developing the ability to adopt a growth mindset, learning new skills fast, and pivoting your behaviors to deal with the practical situation on the ground will get you to succeed in everything in life because you are flexible and able to improve and adapt.

Most failures give up way too early and choose to accept defeat instead of breaking down challenging situations, learning how to solve problems, developing solid mental strength, and adjusting their behavior to overcome struggles and achieve successful results.

2. Replace over-thinking with taking actions

To succeed in anything, you have to execute your ideas; a thought shouldn’t sit in your mind for too long without taking action. Successful people can solve ten problems in a few hours by acting quickly and responding to feedback, while someone who over-complicates matters is still thinking about all the circumstances and all the negative possibilities of these delusional circumstances in their head.

Overthinkers seldom take action because they scare the shit out of themselves, overcomplicate simple matters, and look for million excuses not to take action. They are procrastinating masters and seldom achieve success.

3. Replace complaining and idealism with practicality

Life is life, people are people, and it’s what it’s. To succeed, you have to deal with situations as they are. You must accept that life will be against your interests and…

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