Consume Less, Produce Less, Impact More

Nour Boustani
4 min readOct 21, 2022

Modern humans are some, if not the most inefficient creatures on this wretched planet. They eat more than a starving chicken, spend more than a rich cow, entertain themselves more than an excited pig, and are needy, greedy, and desperate to eat sweeties. Yet the majority don’t have the power to produce a thing more worthy than a chicken’s egg.

I see many eat the best food three meals a day and yet produce nothing but snore and sleep. I see many wear the best and most luxurious outfits yet spend the day in a coffee shop talking about bullshit.

I see many buy the best phones, computers, tabs, and digital watches yet produce nothing but a bunch of stupid selfies and use AirDrop to pick up someone via Bluetooth.

Do you want to know more about what I see? I see a bunch of idiots that go nowhere but head straight to misery. If life hits us with climate change, poverty, and all sorts of diseases, I think it’s being kind and patient with us. If earth decided to throw the sixth extinction in our faces to punish us for our idiocy and absurdity, I would shut up and surrender my soul quickly.

As “the most intelligent” species on this planet, we have to find a way to take advantage of that intelligence as an entire group, not only leave the hard work for a few talented geniuses while the rest of us act as a bunch of pigs.

You must leverage your resources and energy efficiency to win almost anything in life. If you open your mouth to eat three meals a day at the cost of $30 a day but sit still or produce little impactful activities, you are a waste. I don’t care how rich or poor you are.

Let’s compare our personal lives; many of you think I’m a lucky rich bastard. Let me prove that you are a inefficient lazy mustard.

If you are broke and eat three meals a day, I’m rich, and I eat a single simple meal a day, If you are broke and work eight hours a day, I’m rich, and I work ten to twelve hours a day by choice. If you finish an article and pat yourself on the back, I write four, head to the street to manage others, and give them a pat on the back. If you own iPhone 14 and make no money, I still work on my iPhone 8 and earn a lot more money to buy you a new iPhone every day.

Nour Boustani

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