Fuck Being Normal

Nour Boustani
4 min readAug 14, 2022

I just want a normal life; be a little happy, and I will be satisfied; I just hope to become an average writer and only wish for a couple of people to read my articles and leave me a few encouraging comments. I just desire to make a little more money and be a little freer; I just, I just, I just. SLAP! What is the problem with you?

Should I always slap you and remind you that being average in this capitalist, highly competitive, and materialistic society will turn you into a tiny fart and send you straight to the bottom of the list?

Wake up! You can’t afford to be normal; why the fuck do you want to be average? I want you to be the best of the fucking best!

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, period! Eminem is the best rapper on this planet, period. Warren Buffett is the best value investor, period! Messi is the best football player of his time, period! Period, period, and period. It’s not just, just and just.

I meet many friends and clients with a great potential to strive but lack confidence, courage, energy, and vision. When I tell them they must push harder and compete on a much higher level, they crawl back, defend their comfort zone, and accept the defeat of staying average. If I check on them five years later, they moved nowhere and still struggling with their life financially.

To succeed on the internet or any platform such as Medium, you must be the best of the best, nonnegotiable. If you write about money on Medium, I will kick your ass one day or the other, guaranteed!

I don’t hope to become an average writer on Medium; it wastes my time and effort. Instead, I want to be the best, period. Being normal won’t get me noticed, won’t get me money, and won’t get me opportunities and it doesn’t worth it.

How to Be the Best player of Your Game

I have studied the best players on this planet and found they share a few patterns; here are some.

1. Accept nothing but greatness

The first step to becoming the best is to narrow your focus on being the best and accepting nothing else but to be the greatest. Your mind will always justify your weaknesses, compare you to others, and pull you back to average.