How Stress Can Make You More Money

Nour Boustani
8 min readJul 8, 2022

Are you mentally a powerful person? Before you answer with a big YES!!! Answer the following question.

Suppose Uncle Sam calls you and asks for immediate payment of $10K you owe him for taxes; you only got 30 days to pay the money, or he will send you to jail to spend some time with some massive people staring at your ass.

Do you stress out and cry on your partner's butt, or do you take full responsibility and work out a solution?

Most people I know or don't know brag about how strong, creative, or effective they are. Still, whenever I need help and offer money for it, they somehow fail to accept the challenge because my issue seems complicated or stressful, which isn't a typical situation they can handle.

I seldom see someone who isn't a top achiever accept to take a tough challenge and strive to win and get the best results. People are just too soft; they freak themselves out, give up way too soon, head back to their tiny safe zone with their tails hanging between their legs, and listen to a motivational guru to feel better about themselves.

Over the years, I have learned to develop a mental mindset I call "the science of not giving a f**k about the most stressful situations" for a simple reason negative stress doesn't solve the problem; it worsens it.

People who lack the skill to control situations suffer from mental pressure because they don't know how to break huge problems into smaller chunks and take control of the entire issue.

They lack the mental strength, methods, people connections, and resources to take over the situation, turn the table on the problem, and leverage it to their advantage.

Instead, they get lost in the minor details. They freak out and end up with a crappy solution that puts them in a more difficult situation than the first problem they began with, then end up with lousy stress that leads to anxiety, confusion, and poor concentration.

Where does stress come from, and how do you use it to your advantage?

Stress comes from a lack of preparation. You were lazy and unprepared for a specific situation, and then the shit hits the fan, and you have to deal with it on the…