How to Rise High When Everyone Else is Falling Low

Nour Boustani
6 min readOct 11, 2022

Rising from below the ground to the peak of the highest mountains is what many people wish to achieve in life; however, many fail miserably to crawl the first small rocks, never mind reaching the highest skies.

Every sailor can confidently head in the right direction and reach land when the wind is in their favor, but that doesn’t mean they are great sailors. The ones who maneuver and survive the most brutal winds and reach the land safely while every other ship sinks deep in the ocean are the greatest sailors of all time.

Seven years ago, I was almost broke for making some stupid mistakes; One day, I was walking in a luxury mall near five stars restaurant with my ex-wife in the middle of Shanghai. I asked her to look at many people that don’t look wealthy yet spend heavily on expensive meals then I told her that five years later, these people would struggle financially, and we would strive.

She laughed and never understood my point until last year; she called me back and said that bad economy hits everyone, banks are asking for money back, and most people here are heading to hell. Oh dear, I knew that six years ago, remember?

If you study economics and the rise of emerging nations, you would know that there are spikes in the economy where people feel confident because of credit; they believe they are wealthy and sit at the top of the wealth hierarchy while they aren’t.

They take a lot of loan from banks and waste it foolishly, thinking that this will be heaven for the rest of their lives. Not too long until the economy goes down, they get fired, and realize that they own nothing of that shit, have to sell everything, and pay the bank back its money.

Rising to the top isn’t for everyone; it’s only for a small group of people, and that’s why only 0.1% or less of the population makes it into the rich or celebrity clubs and stays there for the rest of their lives.

Most human minds live in the moment and react to what happens to them on the spot, and that’s why you can easily play with and manipulate their emotions. Most people are wishful thinkers, accept an average standard of living, are short-sighted, lazy, idiots, greedy, needy, selfish, unbalanced, sloppy, never see the big picture…

Nour Boustani

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