How to Transform Your Life into Prosperity in Two Years or Less.

Nour Boustani
7 min readJun 21, 2022

Have you wondered why few people have it all while the most suffer to get any? I asked myself that question five years ago, and I think I might have found some answers.

In this article, I will give you a framework that will transform your life from being broke or struggling to becoming financially independent and confident about yourself and your future.

There are a lot of misleading books and fake information about how to achieve success or how to get rich; today, we will ignore all the nonsense and follow a practical approach to prosperity and success.

To become successful, separate yourself from the herd

You need to separate yourself from 95% of the people and drive yourself to the top as fast as possible.

When you follow the masses or what they observe, you get the same results as the public, below average. It’s simple; the same input equals the same output.

Most successful people don’t follow what the public does or get their education and information from the same source; they have developed a mental model and tools to separate them from the noise and get them to their goal.

There are three key areas to focus on in the next two years of your life: your mind, personal image, and relationships, and the outcomes of these three areas will cause success in the fourth area, which is your financial wealth.

These four have to work hand in hand as a system to create a complete version of you; there is no point in being smart but broke, and it’s not attractive to be rich but an idiot, out of style, or lacking a healthy lifestyle and body.

The people who get the four aspects balanced and aligned become a source of attraction; they develop a stable version of themselves and allow opportunities to present themselves to them instead of being desperate.

The blueprint I will talk about isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine; it shouldn’t be; if it works for you, take it and apply it, don’t be picky about it; do it!

It worked nicely for me and got me to financial freedom, and it should get you close enough.

Nour Boustani

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