My Medium Earning Stats and Tips on How to Make More Money — Ongoing Updates

Nour Boustani
29 min readJul 1, 2022

This article is a case study of my progress and lessons on Medium; if you are a new writer on Medium, please scroll down and start reading from June’s 2022 report as I share the latest studies and discoveries I found throughout my progress on Medium. If you find conflicting ideas, remember that I always find new insights according to new data.

This article is only a presentation of the behavior of Medium, not a personal view of how writers must behave or interact with the platform; therefore, kindly don’t judge me personally. If you insist on fighting me, do the following first:

  1. Please read the entire case study and understand the point behind it.
  2. Please read the comments of fellow writers and my answers to their questions.
  3. Ask a question politely and back your argument with facts and evidence, not an ideal point of view and emotions. I will respect you and answer your question logically.
  4. I will block rude or negative people who talk without civil communication skills.

The Latest Earnings Reports

February 2023

Writing on Medium: $145 in February and a Lesson I Learned Over the Last Three Months

November’s Report

For over 7 Months, I have been active on Medium; I have published 225 articles, responded with 2531 comments, and gained 4,029 followers while following no one but a single publication, The Hub Publication.

Nour Boustani — Total articles and responses

November /2022 Stats

Nour Boustani

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