What Do Success and Failure Mean to You Writing on Medium?

Nour Boustani
3 min readSep 22, 2022

I know, I know, everyone writes here for their personal reason, and it’s not my business to stick my nose in your business, but I can’t help it. I got a big nose and it likes to go into many delicious places including talking about the purpose of your business. ;P

Medium is a full or side project to many of us; we all write here for the reason that might be clear or unclear in our minds; some of us want to reach more people and help, others want to make money, and many have no clear idea in mind.

In my opinion, a project without clear objectives and metrics for defining failure and success is a hobby or an ongoing project that takes you nowhere and wastes your time.

Today I want you to define what success and failure mean to you writing on Medium. As usual, I will talk about myself first, then give you the mic.

I want to establish a personal brand around money and entrepreneurship, so I need to reach a large audience and attract publishing opportunities, such as a book deal, within two years.

Another measure of success for me on Medium is earning $30K to $50K annually after twelve to eighteen months of writing on Medium. If I don’t reach these goals, I will declare that my performance and strategy on Medium is a failure, not Medium as a failing platform. I failed; many people succeed.

I agree that making relations and helping others is nice, but I want to be practical; I need measurable results to define the future of my performance and where to spend my time.

I’m eager to know what success and failure mean to you writing on Medium and what is your time frame for achieving the conclusion of your results. I promise I will not judge you or allow any other member to judge you; this conversation is essential to helping new writers understand how to achieve measurable results on Medium and for you to gain more clarity behind writing on Medium.

Claps are nice, but comments are valuable; I appreciate both of them, but I prefer reading through your comments as they benefit other writers and for me to start a conversation with you and perhaps become a friend.