Why Intelligent People Are Broke

Nour Boustani
6 min readJul 29, 2022

What is your IQ? Do you believe in yourself as the most intelligent person in the room? If so, then why are you still struggling with money?

In today’s article, I will discuss a few observations I have noticed for years, looking at the most intelligent people I have ever known in my life. I’m talking about computer scientists, doctors, mathematicians, and the people with some of the highest IQs on this planet.

An intelligent person is a person who can analyze different scenarios for problems and come up with hundreds of possibilities and worst-case scenarios to avoid or take a chance. And that’s one of the first reasons most intelligent people are broke.

Money isn’t primarily a game of intelligence; you don’t need an IQ of 165 to make the most of cash; the dumber you are, the easier for you to make a decent living.

Look at many rich people around you; do you think they are the most intelligent? I’m guessing you think you are smarter than them, yet you still struggle with money while they strive.

People with less intelligence rely on instincts and sniff for money like hunting dogs; whenever they smell a possibility to earn cash, they run for it; they don’t go through hundreds of analyses and worst-case scenarios. If they did, they would avoid getting into the opportunity.

A scientist will explain everything on a much higher level of thinking, and that’s where the problem relies upon; their approach lacks a practical understanding that each type of problem requires a different level of thought and balance.

You need to be intelligent enough to understand human behaviors and how people buy and sell, yet dumb enough to simplify your language to the public and make money.

To make cash, you need to be business savvy; you must know how the street works and talk the people’s language; Take an idea and sell it to the public; that’s more of a communication skill than an intelligence skill.

Look around you; what is the ratio of extremely intelligent people to the basic version of humans? How do you expect to sell them stuff and make transactions if you don’t talk their language?

Nour Boustani

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