Why Rich People Bore Me to Death

Nour Boustani
5 min readOct 12, 2022

Bon Jour, Mademoiselle Lucy, good morning Monsieur Fransua, Mua😘, Mua😘, oh my lady, that Louis Vuitton eye wears, Au Lala, so elegant, haha, I bought them while I was with my lovely sugar papa traveling to Paris. Oh, hey cuttieeee, I forgot to say good morning to you, sunshine. You are the prettiest puppy on this planet, aren’t you? Aren’t you?

Zzzzzz🥱, can anyone wake me once these two dull creatures finish their typical morning conversation? Even the dog is so bored and decides to show its ass and give the guy its tail.

Rich people are often more boring than a complaining bitch; at least the bitch can entertain you a bit, but the rich, I need to inflate my balls to the size of planet earth to handle their boring topics.

Almost but not all of my rich friends are boring as fuck; I can only handle hanging out with them once a month. The most topics they talk about are cars, girls, traveling, food, marriage, premium commodities, and shit stuff that doesn’t interest an intellectual person.

Although you guys are broke, you offer much more exciting topics and conversations than many rich people I know. Let’s be fair with rich people; not all rich people are equally dull; the most boring ones are the newly rich or the people who act like the rich; they try to emulate the bourgeoisie and talk in a manner that doesn’t fit them.

Last week while I was on a business trip and walking in one of the most luxurious streets in a city that I wouldn’t name, I looked at people and started laughing. My assistant looked at me and said, boss, what’s funny?

I said, dear, everything around you is funny. Look at that girl wearing a Chanel dress that doesn’t fit her body style, or that guy wearing a Gucci dress that makes him look like the Mcdonald’s joker, or look at that woman who wears a Gucci green and narrow eyewear; she looks like she is coming out the upcoming star wars.

Why are these people trying to emulate the image of wealth and fake every smile, every word, every movement, and who knows, maybe fabricate the entire appearance of wealth? Somehow I start to feel that the newly rich people are becoming more standard, boring, and silly. They run after a specific superficial look, image, and way of taking pictures or talking.